About Us


Welcome to the "ROOFHAUS" Ltd. website.

"ROOFHAUS" Ltd. was established in 1995 by the Bourgas District Court,
Decision No. 961.  

The "ROOFHAUS" Ltd. team consists of experienced, qualified and
energetic people, united by the concept of satisfying the customers'
needs as quickly as possible. The construction business has been in
the founders' family for decades.

Selling and laying thermal and hydro insulation is the primary
activity of "ROOFHAUS" Ltd.  Our store is located in Sunny Beach. The
company plans to open a new store, located on the main Bourgas-Varna
road, near the town of Aheloy.

All  employees in the company have the necessary
training and qualifications. Our company also has experience in laying
hydro insulation in Sweden and England.

Our construction projects are hotels, residential buildings, offices,
shops, industrial and commercial warehouses etc. In addition the
company provides real estate services.

Quality work and integrity has built the trust of our customers.