Polymer-bitumen sealant


Application areas

Application areas for Polymer-bitumen sealant #42:
– Hermetic sealing of insulation joints of concrete and asphalt coverings of airdromes and highways;
– Sealing of cracks of concrete and asphalt coverings of airdromes and highways

Description of material

The polymer-bitumen sealant is a hot-applied material consisting of oil bitmen, modified by synthetic rubber and technological additives. The material has a wide range of operating temperatures, high elasticity and dimensional stability. It is manufactured in three grades for use in various climatic zones: BP-G25, BP-G35, BP-G50.

Method of application

Before application the sealant is warmed up to a working temperature of 160-190°С in boiler units designed for melting heating with constant mixing. The sealant surface coverage depends on a kind of performed work.


Store in a dry place protected against sunlight at a temperature between –20°C and +30°C. Guaranteed storage period — 12 months.

Wide range of working temperatures

High elasticity Absence of shrinkage

Quick selection of properties Longevity of covering